Per Fronth visit the Shonglap Project in Bangladesh for Stromme Foundation

Dhaka Feb 3rd 2010:
The Shonglap-project initiated to empower young girls in the rural areas of one of the worlds poorest countries, is a joint venture between Stromme Foundations partners in Bangladesh and Operasjon Dagsverk in Norway. In the Bangladesh countryside it is common that girls are given up for marriage at a very young age, often as young as twelve or thirteen, and many become mothers very early. To the parents the girls are a financial burden - mother mouth to feed. The solution is often to give them away to be married. Through the Shonglap programme girls from poor families are given a one-year long eduacation where they learn about key subjects such as early marriage, HIV/aids, own rights, health and hygiene. They get reading and writing lessons, and they recieve vocational training so that they can make their own money and become financially independent.

Per Fronth visited the project in February to document the progress of the project. In april a short presentation will be released and distributed to all teenagers in Norway.

External link to the film, click here.