Per Fronth returns to New York City

Date: 10/11/2008 - 11/8/2008
Type: Photography, Visual Arts
Location: New York, New York City, Chelsea

Norwegian artist Per Fronth with new exhibition “Photosynthesis” at the Dillon Gallery in NYC from 11th of October.

10/10/2008 :: His format is photography – but thoroughly disguised with paint and the use of ironing machines and printers to make out a delicate and surreal scenery. He calls the technique photo graphics –converting photography to the canvas.

Fronth started out as a press photographer for Norway’s bestselling newspaper Verdens Gang, and moved to New York in the nineties. He stayed for over a decade, and after developing his distinct photo graphic style, he has been exhibited in museums ranging from the Modern Museum of Art in Japan, Wakayama and the US Library of Congress - to high acclaim. Interestingly, his pictures can also be found in the private collection of the musician Sting and former Vice President Al Gore.

This fall he is returning to New York for a new exhibition and the premiere showing of a new photographic glass piece, almost 100 feet in height and weighing a total of 2000 pounds. This piece is to be part of the interiors of the new Rouge Tomate Restaurant - designed by the infamous Bentel & Bentel, who recently did the redecorating at MoMa.

His new solo exhibition at Dillon Gallery in Chelsea will be available from 11th of October through 8th of November.

When: 11 October through 8 November
Where: The Dillon Gallery, 555 W 25th St.


OneHundrer Years of Complete Boredom
Photo: Per Fronth


Evolution of Melancholy III
Photo: Per Fronth