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PressRelease Download: Dillon Gallery / Per Fronth: EVOLUTION OF MELANCHOLY / US BookRelease / Oct 4th 2010

PressRelease Download: Grand Hyatt New York Commission / Sep 19th 2010

New York / Christiansand Sep. 19th 2010

Grand Hyatt New York commissions Per Fronth for major Artwork - PRESSRELEASE IN ENGLISH BELOW
In October 2010 the commissioned work Split Sky ( atlantic timeline - approaching storm ) will be installed in the Main Lobby of the Grand Hyatt New York Hotel (GHNY). The work is done in close colloboration with the reknowned architectual firm Bentel & Bentel Architecs of Long Island. In addition the work Theme for Great Cities ( New York) Parafrase Waterlillies ( Monet) , a licenced series of works, will be installed in 1256 of the GHNY guestrooms - a collaboration with Looney & Associates of Dallas, Texas.

Grand Hyatt New York bestiller Per Fronth hovedverk. - Se norsk pressemelding lenger nede
Per Fronth avduker i oktober 2010 bestillingsverket Split Sky (atlantic timeline) spesiallaget til lobbyen i ærverdige Grand Hyatt New York Hotel (GHNY). I tillegg vil bestillingsverket Theme for Great Cities (New York) bli installert i 1256 av hotellets gjesterom – i form av lisensierte spesiallagde veggarbeider gjort i samarbeid med Looney & Associates, Dallas.



For immediate release // Sept 9th 2010

Per Fronth unveils in October 2010 the commissioned artwork Split Sky ( atlantic timeline) made @
site-specific for the Lobby of the prestigeous Grand Hyatt New York Hotel ( GHNY ). In addition the commissioned series Theme for Great Cities ( New York ) / Parafrase Waterlillies / Monet will be installed in 1256 of the hotels guestrooms - these are licenced Art Wall Papers developed with Looney & Associates of Dallas, Texas.

The artworks of Per Fronth enter centerstage in the metropole

Per Fronth, artist and photographer, Norwegian b. 1963, working in close relationship with Grand Hyatt New York and Bentel & Bentel Architects,  has created a large 131 in x 216 inch glass-wall artwork which will welcome arriving guests in the completely renovated Main Lobby on 42nd street - in the heart of Manhattan.

- The artwork Split Sky ( atlantic timeline ) is inspired by my voyage across the Atlantic Ocean in a small sailboat in the weeks following the Sept. 11. 2001 attacks in New York - and represents a contemplative reference to the journey every man, every traveller makes through life, Per Fronth explains.

A long and awardwinning collaboration

Grand Hyatt New York, undergoing a major renovation in 2010, contracts award-winning firms
Bentel & Bentel Architects, Long Island and Looney & Associates, Dallas  to renew the reknowned historic hotel in New York. Located between Grand Central Terminal and the Crysler Building,
the GHNY is widely considered the Crown Jewel of the Hyatt Corporation Grand Hyatt brand.

The Grand Hyatt New York commission represents the latest project working with the architectual firm Bentel & Bentel Architects, earlier work include;  MGM Grand Las Vegas, Boca Raton Resorts, Florida and Rouge Tomate Restaurant, Fifth Ave, New York.
The Cielo project for Boca Raton Resorts won the prestigeous 2007 GANA awards - Glass Association of America.

Other Per Fronth activities in New York October 2010:

Oct. 6th: US Book Release: Press Publishing: Per Fronth 304 p.
A Retrospective Volume on the Art of Per Fronth
Introduction by John August Wood (US) / Text by Cecilie Tyri Holt
Distributed by D.A.P and

Oct. 7th: Dillon Gallery Per Fronth: Evolution of Melancholy
An exhibition exploring Fronths storylines.

Contact information:
Valerie Dillon / Dillon Gallery / Tel 1 - 212 - 727 8585 / /

About Grand Hyatt New York
With a premier location on 42nd Street between Park and Lexington Avenues, the Grand
Hyatt New York lies in the heart of midtown Manhattan. Attached to the legendary Grand
Central Terminal, the Grand Hyatt is just steps away from the city’s best culture and
attractions, including Times Square, Broadway, art, culinary experiences and world-class

The storied Empire Ballroom at the Grand Hyatt New York has undergone a $12 million renovation
and is again welcoming Presidents, royalty and celebrities alike. 
Originally built in 1917, the Empire Ballroom’s recent facelift, 
paired with its long history and prime location as an anchor of the Grand Central
neighborhood, make the venue one of the most desirable in the U.S.

Known previously as the Commodore Ballroom, it was the place where President John
F. Kennedy accepted the Democratic Party nomination for President in 1960. Martin
Luther King gave a speech 1956 and former President Bill Clinton and Secretary of State
Hillary Clinton celebrated her victory of the New York Senate race.

The hotel has 1,311 guest rooms including 51 suites. The suites range in size from 600
to more than 3,500 square feet. The guest rooms feature the Hyatt “Grand Bed” and
have large workspaces. The Grand Club provides added luxury offering elevator key
access, complimentary breakfast, afternoon snacks and evening hors d’oeuvres and
drinks. The Grand Hyatt New York is perfect for groups of any size. Boasting over 50
meeting rooms and 55,000 square feet.

About Per Fronth:
Per Fronth, born 1963, is an internationally reknowned Norwegian artist, represented by galleries and museums worldwide.His works are in the permanent collections of Museum of  Modern Art, Wakayama, Japan, Sørlandet Kunstmuseum, Norway, as well as in numerous private collections, like Sting & Trudie Styler and former US Vice President and Nobel Peace Prize Laurate Al Gore

. Per Fronth is one of Norway´s most popular - and controvercial artist; his works receiving  admiration from collectors, critics and public alike - resulting in a string of sold-out exhibitions in both New York and Norway.
Fronths storylines often includes challenging aspects of the Human Condition.  He has made many controversial - and yet successful exhibitions, like the Xingu Chronicles, New York, 1998 about the peoples of the brazilian rainforest, Bloodlines, London, 2001, focusing on the now outlawed English foxhunt with Prince Charles - and last years success Theatre of War, the struggle in war-torne Afghanistan.

He works with photography as his raw-material, creating paintings with representation of reality as only one of his works components, making his art a unique voice in contemporary art.  

Per Fronth was awarded the title Nobel Artist 2009 - being selected to create the Nobel Peace Prize Diploma - given in 2009 to US President Barack Obama.  This made Per Fronth the first photographer to be given the honor of making the Diploma.

The Norwegian publisher, Press Forlag, published in 2009 the first major survey of Per Fronth´s works till date.  The book will be released in the US in October 2010 by DAP and

Per Fronth is an awardwinning director. His short-films "Ode to a Hunter " ( 2000) and  " Godiva " (2001) have been selected for the Official programs for Berling, Toronto and Sundance film festivals.




Kristiansand / New York, 9.september 2010

Per Fronth avduker i oktober 2010 bestillingsverket Split Sky (atlantic timeline) spesiallaget til lobbyen i ærverdige Grand Hyatt New York Hotel (GHNY). I tillegg vil bestillingsverket Theme for Great Cities (New York) bli installert i 1256 av hotellets gjesterom – i form av lisensierte spesiallagde veggarbeider gjort i samarbeid med Looney & Associates, Dallas.

Norsk kunst markerer seg sentralt i metropolen

Per Fronth, billedkunstner og fotograf, har i samarbeidet med Grand Hyatt New York og Bentel & Bentel Architecs, produsert et ruvende fotografisk kunstverk i glass som måler 550 x 330 cm (18 m2 ) Bestillingsverket vil ønske reisende fra hele verden velkommen til den nyrenoverte lobbyen i hjertet av New York.
Kunstverket Split Sky (atlantic timeline) er inspirert av min reise over Atlanterhavet i en liten seilbåt - og er en kontemplativ refereranse til den iboende kraft alle mennesker gjør bruk av på sin vandring gjennom livet, uttaler Per Fronth.
Langvarig og prisbelønnet samarbeid

Grand Hyatt New York GHNY som gjennomgår en fundamental renovering i 2010, har hentet inn de prisbelønte arkitektfirmaene Bentel & Bentel Architects, Long Island og Looney & Associates, Dallas, til å fornye det ærverdige og historiske hotellet midt på Manhattans 42. Gate. Lokalisert mellom New Yorks landemerker togstasjonen Grand Central Terminal og Chrysler Building, GHNY, har i en årrekke fremstått som kronjuvelen i Hyatt Corporation´s Grand Hyatt merkevare.
Bentel & Bentel Architects betraktes som et av amerikanerenes mest nyskapende og kontemporære arkitektfirmaer - de stod for den kritikerroste nyrestaureringen av
Museum of Modern Art på Manhattan

Fronths bestillingsverk på Grand Hyatt New York er det siste i rekken av store prosjekter han har utført i samarbeid med det anerkjente arkitektfirmaet Bentel & Bentel. Tidligere arbeider inkluderer MGM Grand Hotel Las Vegas (2002),  Boca Raton Resorts, Florida (2007) og Rouge Tomate Restaurant, Fifth Ave, New York ( 2008). Cielo Project for Boca Raton Resorts ble belønnet med den prestisjetunge 2007 GANA Awards - Glass Association of America.

Øvrige New York-aktiviteter for Per Fronth sammenfallende med GHNY i oktober

6. Oktober: Boklansering i USA: Press Forlag: Per Fronth
7. Oktober Åpning av retrospektiv utstilling Evolution of Melancholy , Dillon Gallery, Chelsea

I 2009 publiserte Press Forlag den første fullstendige boken om Per Fronth arbeider - skrevet av kunsthistoriker Cecilie Tyri Holt (NO) og professor i fotografi John August Wood (US).  Boken lanseres i USA i 6. oktober 2010 på D.A.P og – i forbindelse med Per Fronths separatutstilling på Dillon Gallery i New York samme måned. Kunstboken har i Norge passert over 4000 solgte.

Fakta om Per Fronth:

Per Fronth, f:1963, norsk billedkunstner. Fronths arbeider er i de permanente samlingene til bl. a. Museum of Modern Art, Wakayama, Japan, Biblioteque Nationale, Paris, Sørlandet Kunstmuseum såvel som i en rekke private og offentlige samlinger som Sting & Trudie Styler og tidligere amerikanske vise-president Al Gore, NHO, Ekebergrestauranten, NATO og MGM Grand, Las Vegas.
Fronth´s historiefortellinger fokuserer ofte på de utfordrende aspekter ved den menneskelige natur. Han har produsert mange kontroversielle - og likevel suksessrike utstillinger; som Xingu Chronicles, (New York,1998), som omhandlet regnskogfolkets kamp for egne rettigheter i Amazonas, Brazil,  BLOODLINES, ( London 2000) som  tok for seg den nå forbudte revejakten i England med Prince Charles - og suksessen i 2009, Theatre of War, som setter søkelyset på norske kampstyrker som Demokratiets Soldater i krigsherjede Afghanistan.
Per Fronth arbeider med fotografi som sitt rå-materiale; han skaper fotografi som maleri - hvor den virkeligheten fotografiet gjengir kun er en komponent av i tilblivelsen og forståelsen av verkene hans - med det resultat at hans kunst er en uvanlig stemme på den kontemporære kunstscene.
Fronth arbeider i store formater og har i de siste år konsentrert seg om monumentale bestillingsverk
I 2009 ble Per Fronth utnevnt til Nobel Kunstner - og ble selektert til å lage Diplomet til Nobels Fredspris som samme år ble tildelt til den amerikanske presidenten Barack Obama.  Fronth er første fotografiske kunstner som har mottatt tittelen.
Per Fronth er en prisbelønt film regissør. I tillegg til å ha vunnet flere priser som PDN Grand Prize og ShortFilmsInternational, New York, har hans kortfilmer Ode to a Hunter "( 2000) og Godiva (2001) blitt invitert inn i de offisielle programene til Berlin, Toronto og Sundance filmfestivaler.
Vedlegg - høyoppløselig fil for media - last ned fra

Split Sky (atlantic timeline)
Per Fronth ( portrett ) Photocredit: Per Fronth Studios


Sigmund Bakken / Galleri Trafo + 47 9242 8781
Bentel & Bentel Architects :
Paul Bentel +1 516 676 2880 ( USA tidsforskjell: minus 6 timer)

Billedkunstner Per Fronth