Oslo / Norway / Oct 8th 2015:
Per Fronth open new graphic works only exhibition Blue Venia at Kunstverket Galleri in Oslo on Thursday Oct 8th.
This is Fronthś first exhibition presenting only works on paper in graphic techniques, drypoint, etching, polymer and lithos.
Produced in sessions this fall at Atelje Ole Larsen, Helsingborg and in Paris, France, at Idem Paris the works represents a revisit to the exploration of graphic mediums he enjoyed and challenges in New York.

Per Fronth started his career as an artist in New York in the early 90s. He studied printing at the now famous PrintMaking Workshopcreated by masterprinter Bob Blackburn, who also received the MacArthur Fellowship. At PMW Fronth met printer Esteban Chaves, a Yale University Alumni who became his first teacher in photoetchings and the possibilites of the print medium. Later Fronth went on to work with printer Nathan Kanofsky of Arak Kanofsky Studios in New Jersey who produced the series Xingu Chronicles , which became Fronthś breaktrough as an artist, presented at Dillon Gallery in New York in 1998, both controversial and hugely successfull.
The exhibition Blue Venia follows three separate narratives intutively related to Nature and Human Nature.



Oslo / Norway / Oct 27th 2014:
On Thursday Nov 6th 2014 President of the Norwegian Parlament, Stortingspresident, Olemic Thommessen will open Per Fronth´s new exhibition REPLIKA at Galleri Fineart located at seaside Tjuvholmen.

Marking the 200 year jubilee of the Norwegian Constitution of Nov 4th 1814, Mr. Thommessen will unveil two massive concrete sculptures inspired by an icon of Norway, her national flag. The two sculptures weighing 7 tons each marks the entry point of Fronths latest body of works; a journey from the shores of Politics to the riverbeds of Poetry.
- I am very excited to present artworks based on some of the ideas that have been ocupying me over the last few years, Fronth says. Both personally and as a nation we have experienced trauma that might have made us better people.
Yet, the challenges we face, in a world quick to mark the line between us - and them; the Norwegian Social Democratic Experiment will also have to adapt to a Human Nature in change. Migration of people and ideas caused by human travesty, political turmoil or social issues cast long shadows into the protected lives we live in the worlds richest country.
The exhibition REPLIKA tries to raise questions relating to this change of political climate through contemporary art.


New York / November 20th 2013:
Per Fronth opens his new exhibition Mapping the Surface at Dillon Gallery in New York on Nov 21st - Dec 20th 2013:

A series of contemporary artworks discusses the erupting Norwegian Dilemma: ethics and responsibility in the age of wealth. Introduces new tapestry works among them the Inner Peace ( pt) Tapestry - inspired from Fronths Atlantic crossing in a sailboat following the Sept 11 attacks in his neighborhood Tribeca.

Receives great review in Musee online artmagazine:

Per Fronth latest exhibition " Mapping the Surface " open at Dillon Gallery on Thursday Nov 21st in the art metropole in Chelsea.
In his latest new works Fronth makes a trajectory from a photograph he took at the age of 16, in 1980, on his very first aeroplane flight.
In the air over the stormyNorth Sea below him layed the remnants of the largest disaster in Norwegian oil industry history:
The Alexander Kielland Oilrig Disaster which killed 123 souls.
From this pivotal moment Fronth seeks to draw parallell storylines between his own personal life and journey - and his native Norway´s petrolfueled social-democratic welfare society whose incredible amassment of wealth subjects itself to tremendous dilemmas
- and responsibilities for the nation, the monarchy, but also induce challenges on the individual level.

In the exhibition Fronth introduces new and exciting ways to create his artwroks, large-scale woven works presented in Inner Peace ( post-traumatic) Tapestry, the sculpture
Weapon of Mass Democracy ( We always come in Peace) an inflatable installation made in China based on peaceloving Norways high-grossing military complex industry, the NSM-missile from Kongsberg Defence. In addition Fronth presents his trademark paintings investigating aspects of fatherhood, personal challenges in a visual poetic language.
This is Per Fronths nineth exhibition with Dillon Gallery where he has had numerous successfuls shows over the span of his career.

In conjunction with the show at Dillon Gallery in New York, Fronth will exhibit a satelite work from the exhibition at Galleri Infill in Oslo.
Cocurrent with New York and Oslo Aalesund Kunstforening in Norway exhibits works until Nov 24th.

Click images for eCatalog

Media: PressRelease and High Rez Images click here




Fantastic response once again to Per Fronth artworks at Galleri Nicolines Hus in Kragerø - over 50 works sold:

Per Fronth exhibition " Mapping the Surface " was again incredibly well received by collectors and public alike. In just a few hours at the opening Fronth passed over 35 sold works and over 1. MIllion NOK i sales by the opening weekend. Final count of artworks exchanging hands has passed 50 works - both large originals and works on paper.
Per Fronth is now currently working on his next solo-exhibition in New York in the fall at Dillon Gallery in Chelsea, opening Nov. 21st 2013. He will also have a soloshow in Aalesund Kunstforening, Norway opening Nov. 4th 2013.

Press Articles:

Varden / Op-Ed Editorial / 27.07.13

Kragerø Blad / 26.07.13

Click image for 28 page catalog


Galleri Nicolines Hus in Kragerø to present second Per Fronth solo exhibition July 26th 2013:

Per Fronth will open his exhibition " Mapping the Surface " at Galleri Nicolines Hus in Kragerø Friday July 26th 2013. This is his second showing with the gallery; his first exhibition was a big success when it opened in 2009. Gallery Nicolines Hus is a small gallery in the summer resort town Kragerø in southern Norway, yet the gallery attracts some of the best artists in Norway to present their work with them like Elisabeth Werp , Ørnulf Opdahl, Kjell Nupen, Håkon Gullvåg, Pushwagner, Kenneth Blom and the like.
Per Fronth follows H H the Queen Sonja of Norway - her first solo-exhibition.

Click image for 28 page catalog


Norwegian Intelligence Service commissions major work from Per Fronth Afghanistan-series Theatre of War:

OSLO, JUNE 26TH 2013:
Etterretningstjenesten, The Norwegian Intelligence Service, has aquired three major works from Per Fronths 2009 series Theatre of War - from his travels with the Norwegian Military forces in Afghanistan.
The Public Commission represents Fronths largest aqusition by the Norwegian Government till date. The three works, Remains, Storyteller and Silk Road Quilt have been installed at a secret location of the Norwegian Intelligence Service.

The economic aspect and the location of the commission remains undisclosed.
The artworks were installed on May 8th 2013 - Norwegian Liberation Day commemorating the end of WWII.
Per Fronth is the only artist to be allowed by the military to visit and make artwork from the one of the largest military campaigns since World War II.

- It is an honor for me as a contemporary artist to see my works be placed in a context wich is both relative - and important. The sheer size of the commission underscores the value this branch of the military, and thus the Norwegian Government, puts in having this epic story for the country under the scrutiny of an artist. At the mercy of politicians many soldiers set out to defend democracy, Western style, in Afghanistan and many souls have paid the highest price in this service.
The dilemmas facing the Human Condition needs constant discussions - also by the artistic community. As the engagement in Afghanistan winds down now in 2013 - and probably as not a successful campaign for democracy, it is stunning how the artistic community is completely in disregard addressing real - human issues of the day - and of national importance!

Media: Click images for HighRes download of artworks and PDF

Pressrelease June 26th 2013 - NO



Per Fronth´s Commission Photosynthesis on Rouge Tomate Cart in The Park - a street spring food adventure:

NEW YORK, MAY 21ST 2013:

Michelin star restaurant, Rouge Tomate New York takes the street vendor food cart to a completely different level in Central Park.
The well-knowned award-winning restaurant on Fifth
Avenue changes the not only what street food may be, offering high quality/ low-fat food right in the park to New Yorkers and their curious visitors from around the world, but also delivers a Zen´s of gastronomical joy.
The Cart in the Park lights up the environment and is brought to life by Per Fronth´s commissionend glass-wall work Photosynthesis 8:31
installed at the restaurant in 2008.

- As a former New Yorker, with over 13 years of my life spent in the huzzling city, this is just an incredible fun thing to do - and at the same time healthy to the core. My artworks travel all around the world - little did I know my Photosynthesis piece would grace a Michelin Star food cart in Central Park, says Per Fronth who returns to New York in November 2014 for his next exhibition.

Read Rouge Tomate Newsletter

New York Times article of 2012


Per Fronth Official Portrait " Horizon " of Magne Ognedal, Director, Petroleum Authorithy Norway;


Petroleumstilsynet / Petroleum AuthorityNorway which oversees all security measures in the Norwegian Oil Industry, chose Per Fronth to make the official portrait of its long serving Director Magne Ognedal, who stepped down into retirement after 40 years of service, making him one of the industries most valuable persons in the oil security sector. internationall.
Mr. Ogndals life and career was profoundly shaped by the oilrig Aleksander Kielland disastet in the the North Sea March 1980 which killed 123 souls in a winterstorm inferno capsiszing the oilrig.
Per Fronth had his virgin flight in the first mediaplane heading for the disaster the following morning as a 16 year old freelancephotographer

- I have tried to incorporate the pivotal moment when so many friends and fathers and loved ones lost their life in part to lackluster construction; we owe our way of life to their efforts. The Alexander Kielland disaster became the point when human life and environmental safety got on top of the oil industry agenda, says Per Fronth, I wanted to bring their drifting souls into the portrait.


Per Fronth in London group exhibition gets rave reviews:
SUBLIMATE SUBLIME SUBLIMINAL at The Underdog Gallery and LLoyds Club January 26th - April 13th 2013

The International group show SUBLIMATE SUBLIME SUBLIMINAL curated by artist Alan Rankle under display in London at two separate venues, The Underdog Gallery and the Lloyds Club are receiving great reviews in the artworld

Rita Fennel / One Stop Arts writes: - This is a very strong exhibition with many other equally rich works. Rankle has effectively addressed the themes of the exhibition, and visitors can expect to see interactions between the traditional and contemporary in a broad range of talented contemporary artists.

Read Onestoparts review

Prestigious contemporary art blogger Annabelle Boko / operatoranna writes: : ...., artist and curator Rankle has brought together a stunningly dramatic collection of artists creating viscerally resonant work relevant to the crucial issues of our time.

Read Contemporary Art review by Annabelle Boko

Download catalog The Underdog Gallery

Download catalog LLoyds Club




Per Fronth: Venus Passage/ Kunstgalleriet, Stavanger / 4. Oct - 4. Nov 2012:

Per Fronth will open his first exhibition in six years since his last successful show in 2006 at Kunstgalleriet.
The exhibition titled "Venus Passage "will present some of his latest works like the above " Rinse / Shadow Passing Sea of Tranquility(Eclipse) "as well as works on paper. Venus Passage refers to the stellar phenomenon that took place on June 6th 2012, witnessed by millions of people around the globe including Per Fronth; the planet Venus, Earths twin planet, moved across the disk of the Sun, only to be witnessed again by future generations in the year 2117. Using the event as a timecapsule, or a time treshold, Fronth has created works with a vague reference to this heavenly matter-of-factly experience; he became father of two twins in the February 2012, being a twin himself traces of this new trajectory of his own personal life, he has woven together stories with the treads of politics, rituals, personal events - and the elusive matter intuition.

DOWNLOAD CATALOGUE: VENUS PASSAGE / 28p. PDF / Installation view: click images


PRESS RELEASE OCT 1ST 2012: Per Fronth / Venus Passage ( In Norwegian )



FriTanken opens in Ny-Hellesund / Ny-Hellesund Rehab at Verftet:

NY-HELLESUND / NORWAY / Summer 2012: Per Fronth + Architecture
Aligned up to the Stella Polaris, every sailors guiding star on the Northern Hemisphere, FriTanken, an old Solar Diesel Oiltank at the old shipwharf in the coastal village, is given new life as a comtemporary apartment.
Designed by Per Fronth together with Siv Architect Tor Linge Tønnesen / Strek and the the interior made by Jonas Dybedal, Bico the tank has already established itself as a coastal landmark in Norway.
Verftet, (norw. the shipwharf), was torn down and raised from the ashes as a modern conference center with reknowned Bølgen & Moi gourmetrestaurant and 21 apartments. Set in the pristine and protected coastal village of Ny-Hellesund, an important location for Per Fronth, the tank will be welcoming artists, wedding couples and those who seek silencium - and days of recharching.




Bentleys Fine Art Auctions, England report great sales: Per Fronth´s work Conflict sold at auction together with Banksy, the Chapman Brothers and Robert Mapplethorpe - confirming the artmarkets interest in Fronth´s art.

Per Fronth artwork " Conflict (Band of Horses) Study " was recently sold at Bentleys Fine Art Auctions in Great Britain
. Fronths new work was listed together with great influential artist like the Chapman Brothers, Gary Hume, Alan Rankle, Ropert Mapplethorpe - and Banksy. This is the first in a series of auctions Bentleys will address to establish both a new venue for the exchange of contemporary art as well as positioning themselves as a player in the field. Per Fronths work, a 60 x 60 cm work from the relatively new Conflict -series sold at estimate, further confirming Fronths positions in the modern art marked.


Rosendal Mat og Kunst Festival 2012:

Per Fronth selected to be Official Festival Artist:

Exhibition: raw material at Galleri G Guddal / Rosendal

View Catalog: Per Fronth / raw material PDF




FRITANKEN: A change of times - a change of content: Rebuilding the Future

An Oiltank at the defunct Ny-Hellesund Shipwharf to become a 21 m2 rehab for stranded Artists and free thinkers.
Per Fronth and Masterchef Trond Moi join forces in welcoming guests to Verftet/Ny-Hellesund, the first restaurant to open in the sound since the year 1690 - and Norways southernmost Gourmet restaurant.

Per Fronth has been commissioned to produce artworks and be the artistic director for Verftet in Ny-Hellesud set to open June 1st 2012.
Together with Master Chef Trond Moi of reknowned Bølgen & Moi Restaurant,he has embarked on a journey to re-invent the shipcompound into a 21-apartment complex in the pristine historical seaside village located just outside Kristiansand, Norway. Verftet, drawn by Tor LingeTønnesen / Strek Architects has been made in close conjunction with the Norwegian authorities for cultural preservation, Riksantikvaren.

As part of the project the only remaining part of the old shipwharf, the Solar Oiltank, will be born again to fill lives not with oil, but with food from nature & food for thought. Measuring 3.60 m across and astounding 4.90 m in height the tank named; Fritanken, the Free Thought, will be reborn a sailors landmark in Norway.
- I want the wharf to be a source for the heart and soul byintroducing visitors from every corner of our globe; seafarers, artists and the curious alike, to contemporary art woven together with modern cusine and the the forces of Nature. This is a place where you become part of the story by simply being here!



Per Fronth Last Statements Exhibition on display at Galleri BI-Z / Kristiansand November 3rd - 20th 2011:

Kristiansand, November 2011:
Per Fronth will inaugurate his sculpture-project Last Statements in a new solo- exhibition which opnes in his hometown Kristiansand, Norway on Thursday Nov 3rd. Last Statements is a project referring to the last words uttered by American Death Row prisoners moments before their execution and last breaths on earth. Fronth has made 12 stoneplates in polished black granite, the texts are sandblasted into the stoneplates with 22. carat goldleafing.
The plates measures 80 x80 x 2 cm. Plate 13 measures 160 x160 x 3 cm ( image above) and are the last words of Death Row prisoner # 777 Karla Faye Tucker executed in 1998, the lst female to be put to silence in the US. Per Fronth attended the execution outside the Huntsville Prison, Texas.

Last Statements Pressrelease PDF
Last Statements Catalog PDF
Last Statements Catalog / eclipse PDF
Last Statement Installation View PDF

Pressclip Last Statements: Newspaper Fædrelandsvennen Weekly Magazine God Helg


Largest Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten prints historic first visual Op- Ed Chronicle Sept 10. 2011:

Oslo, September 10th 2011:
Norways leading and largest newspaper Aftenposten ( Cir. 240.000) printed on Sep.10th 2011 Per Fronth´s Visual Op-Ed Chronicl marking the 10-year anniverssary of the Sept. 11.2001 terror attacks in New York. Per Fronth who lived in Tribeca 400 yards from the World Trade Center and whose artistic career started in New York experienced the nightmare unfold in broad daylight as his life and neighborhood moved into the shadow of terror.
Slowly the 911 events would infuse both the choices and the art of Per Fronth; leading him to make the series Theatre of War from war-torn Afghanistan in 2009 following Norwegian Soldiers of Democracy in the war against terror.
Per Fronth is the first artist to be embeded with the forces in Afghanistan.
The Cronicle is built up on the raw-material Fronth recorded with his camera the horrific morning 911, following the path of time to a sailtrip across the Atlantic, the birth of his daughter - through the artworks from the AFG-series and the new Defence -series - exiting the chronicle with the line of trajectory exploding in the face of all Norwegians with the July 22. 2011 terror attacks in Oslo.
The Visual Op-Ed Chronicle marks a historic milestone in Aftenposten and the norwegian press. It is the first time a newspaper prints a chronicle -
not in written words, but as a visual statement.


Per Fronth / Norsk Skogmuseum / Aug. 6th - Sep. 18th 2011 / Official Artist Festspillutstillingen 2011:

Elverum Aug 6th 2011:
Norwegian Forest Museum ( Norsk Skogmuseum ) has selected Per Fronth the honor of beingFestspillutstillingen 2011 Official Artist. Norsk Skogmuseum is the largest museum in Norway dedicated to issuses relating to forest and environment, the forest as both a resource for employment and recreation. Per Fronth exhibits works drawn from his ongoing subject matters; Man & Nature and and the dilemmas facing Human Nature. Some of the works displayed are from private collections:Movement I. from BLOODLINES - The Duke of Beauforts Foxhunt ( London 2000) and the llatter series Study for Two Sunsets / AFG from the series Theatre of War ( Oslo / New York 2010), focusing on Fronths 2009 journey to the Afghanistan warzones.
More info:
Press Clips

Per Fronth / Galleri Ormelet / Tjøme / June 18. - August 28. 2011:

Gamle Ormelet, Tønsberg, June 18th 2011:
Last Statements -
inaugural presentation of Per Fronth´s new series discusses Capital Punishment; as part in his ongoing quest to address the state of Human Nature in todays modern world.
Last Statements was presented to the public for the first time on June 18. 2011 as an outdoor installation at Gamle Ormelet 20 year celebration.
The works are based on the final statements inmates utter seconds before their scheduled execution is fullfilled in Huntsville Prison, Texas..
A new work in progress Fronth presented the first 6 of 12 black granite stone plates with the Last Statements inscribed in 22 carat gold.

More info: Last Statements

More info: Gallery Ormelet 2011 Exhibition




Per Fronth / Hole Art Center & Galleri Infill / Hole /June 11. - August 21. 2011:

Hole, June 11th 2011:

Hole Art Center in collaboration with Galleri Infill
TIME Curated by Arthistorian Cecilie Tyri Holt
June 11th - August 21. 2011

TIME - an exhibition curated by Cecilie Tyri Holt - will include new works by Per Fronth. Together with the Norwegian artists Ulf Nilsen, Jannik Abel,
Elisabeth Werp, Asbjørn Kessel Brandsnes & Johannes Høie the curated collection of works discuss the abstract notion of time in our lives.
Fronth participate in the dialog with two body of works which in different ways refers to memento mori & vanitas.
This is the first time Fronths project Last Statements is on public view.

For more information, please visit - www.holeartcenter.com



Per Fronth / Gallery B15 / Copenhagen / 8th April - 11th May 2011:

Copenhagen, 8th of April 2011:

Directions - 8.4-15.11 2011

This exhibition is prepared to mark the vibrancy and direction the gallery will follow in the time to come. 11 artists will present new works. Per Fronth will present his Afghanistan series. Featuring the following gallery artists: 이성근 Sung-Kuen Lee (KR), 马思博 Ma Sibo (CN), 김민정 Minjung Kim (KR), Joram Roukes (NE), Andreas Golder (RU), Jon Fox (UK) , Kirsten Reynolds (UK), Alan Rankle (UK), Rebecca Stevenson (UK), Marco Mazzoni (IT) Per Fronth (NO). (Andreas Golder is represented in DK by LARM)

For more information, please visit - www.galleryb15.dk


New York Times writes about Grand Hyatt New York $130 million makeover:

New York,Jan 11th 2011: Grand Hyatt New York, the major landmark hotel in New York in which Per Fronth was awarded the large commission for their newly renovated lobby, ManhattanSkyline Restaurant and 1300 guestrooms, received great coverage in the New York Times Business Day section on January 11th 2011 edition.

More info (New York Times link)


Per Fronth / Evolution of Melancholy / Dillon Gallery / New York / Oct 7th - Nov 6th 2010:


New York October 2010:

Grand Hyatt New York awards Per Fronth Major Art Commission for rebuilt Main Lobby
in the Prestigeous Landmark Hotel on 42nd Street on Manhattan.

Kristiansand / New York, Sept. 11th 2010: The 216 x 131 inch glass-installation will be mounted for the re-opening in late October 2010. World wide Hotel Corporation in addition commissions Fronth to create Art Wall Paper for 1256 guestrooms.

Attention Press: Enter Media Center: Press-Release and HighRez image for download


A hectic October 2010 month for Per Fronth in New York: Grand Commission / Book-release / Exhibition

Kristiansand / New York, Sept. 7th 2010: Grand Hyatt New York awards Per Fronth a major commission-project to be unveiled in New York in October 2010. More info

Bookrelease: Wednesday October 6th: The US Book Release of Per Fronth will take place at a dinner in Chelsea, Manhattan. The book: Per Fronth is published by Press Publishing, Oslo and is the most extensive volume of the artwork of Per Fronth to date. Put in words by Professor John August Wood (US) and Art-historian Cecilie Tyri Holt (NO) the book has already won awards and sold over 4000 copies in Norway. Distributor in the US will be D.A.P. Distributed Art Publishers, Inc. & artbook.com.

Exhibition Opening: Thursday Oct. 7th: Per Fronths longtime representative in New York, Dillon Gallery, will present the exhibition "Evolution of Melancholy" - a presentation of Fronths visual universe and storytelling over the past 12 years. Artworks from the series Xingu Chronicles ( peoples in the Amazonian rainforest 1998), BLOODLINES ( the Duke of Beauforts Foxhunt 2000) and Theatre of War ( Afghanistan 2009) will be on display.





Related News Bulletin:

Zona Maco Art Fair / Mexico City/
February 8th 2014:
Per Fronth Inner Peace (post-traumatic) Tapestry aquired into important
contemporary artcollection in Mexico.
Zona Maco is the largest artfair in the Latin-Americas
drawing the best works to its annual venue.
The tapestry, a new work first exhibited in New York at Per Fronth
New York dealer, Dillon Gallery, received accolates at Art Miami in December 2013.

Fronth will be represented at the 2014 ArtMiami
through Dillon Gallery.


Oslo: October 18th 2013:
Poppe / Juliette Binoche / Fronth
Filmdirector Erik Poppe places Per Fronth artwork in epic war-correspondent drama "A Thousand Times Goodnight" starring Academy Award Winner Juliette Binoche in lead role.



NRK - Norwegian Public Televison - features Per Fronth commission for the Norwegian Intelligence Service:

View clip:
NRK Sorlandet 26/06/13 20:55 hrs
(4:15 mins into the newscast


Per Fronth receives insurance compensation from Hurricane Sandy artwork destructions - 100.000 $ worth.

New York April 11th 2013:
Hurricane Sandy which hit New York, the Chelsea artworld - and Dillon Gallery in October 2012 destroyed values in the millions - and artwork by Per Fronth at Dillon Galleryfor over 100.000 US $. Berkley Insurance Company in the US are one of many to pay out large insurance sums for artworks hit by the force majure.


Per Fronth holds guest-lecture at ISA,Instituto Superior de Artes in Havana, Cuba:

Havana, Friday Feb 15th 2013:
Invited by the ISA to give a guest-lecture at the National Academy of Arts in Cuba, Per Fronth gave a two hour introduction to his approach in creating contemporary art.
ISA, once the former Havana Country Club, was transformed into Cubas National Art Academy in 1961 by President Fidel Castro.


Video: NRK airs a 40 min documentary about Verftet in Ny-Hellesund;
The transformation from an old shipwharf to a gourmet resort in the coastal village Ny-Hellesund.

Monday 17th September 2012:
Per Fronths introduced Verftet as a collaborative project for his friend Masterchef Trond Moi of famous Bølgen & Moi Restaurants. Opened in summer 2012 the documentary follows the entire transformation process through former owner Jan Erik Bentsen to Norways southernmost gourmet restaurant run by Trond Moi.

External link to the video: HERE


Per Fronth Venus Passage exhibition passes 1.3 Mill NOK i sales. A major success statement for the continuing interest i the art of Per Fronth. Regional oil-capital of Norway, Stavanger, broaden the reach of Per Fronth works in contemporary artcollections.

View article
Rogalands Avis Nov 1st 2012




Per Fronth commissioned to do Official Portrait of former Mayor Per Sigurd Sørensen, Kristiansand:

Unveiled in the Municipal Building on August 22nd 2012.

- A great honor and challenge - PF

Pressclip: FVN Aug 23rd 2012




Per Fronth / Verftet more images:


Per Fronth / Last Statements
Galleri BI-Z Nov 3 - 20 2011

PDF Catalog Downloads:

Catalog New Paintings
Last Statements / eclipse:

Catalog Sculpture Project
Last Statements:

Catalog Installation view:


Pressclip: NRK, Norwegian Public Television, features Last Statements:
More info

Pressclip: FVN / God Helg Weekly Magazine
7 page spread about Per Fronth Last Statements
More info


Per Fronth / Galleri Gamle Ormelet
20 year Anniversary/
June 18 - Aug 28 2011

Per Fronth has been given the honor of marking the 20 year anniversary exhibition at Galleri Gamle Ormelet, Tønsberg, Norway - displaying works together with the gallerys mainstay artists: Inger Sitter, (NO, Knut Steen (NO), Lars Elling( NO), Tor Arne Moen ( NO), Tove M. Traavik (NO), Monica Verde (NO), Nico Widerberg (NO), Edyta Sobierja (PO), Jim Rattenbury (UK), Tommy Widing (SWE).


Per Fronth / Museum Exhibition
Norwegian Forrestmuseum 6 - 19 Sept. 2011

Per Fronth will exhibit his artworks at the music festival "Festspillene i Elverum", which headliners are; Jan Garbarek, Thomas Dybdahl, Vertao and more. For more information, please visit - www.fie.no


Per Fronth now represented by
Gallery B15, Copenhagen

Click for more information


Former Norwegian PrimeMinister Kåre Willoch & Per Fronth to hold lectures at Daimon Leadership seminar in Lucca, Italy March 2011

Per Fronth has been invited to be part of Daimon leadership seminars to be held in Lucca, Italy on March 21 - 22. 2011. The lectures will focus on the philosophy of the Renaissance - where man is liberated from the chains of dogmas and free to choose a course lit up by dreams of the impossible. Other lecturers will be communication guru Jarle Aabø and Aleksander Ø. Berg - the no-limit


Contemporary art collection buys Per Fronth Afghanistan-series

Leading Norwegian financial newspaper Dagens Næringsliv Saturday Edition features two page spread about the continuing growth in interest in Per Fronth works in the US: Theatre of War, his Afghanistan series is aquired by contemporary
art collection in New York - Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, the all-new 3.8 B US $ Hotel, commissions new work by Per Fronth.
Oslo Jan 29th 2011


Per Fronth Afghanistan works to contemporary US art-collection

The monumental artworks " Two Sunsets / AFG" and " Remains / AFG " from Per Fronths exhibition " Evolution of Melancholy " at the Dillon Gallery in New York Oct 2010 have been aquired into the permanent contemporary art collection in the US. Both works are part of the series Theatre of War in which Per Fronth brings focus the West export of Democracy in order to counter terrorism in the war-torn country.
New York / Dec 2010


A Norwegian oaktree in New York:

Photographer Tore Berntsen has made a shortfilm of Per Fronth's artwork installment "Photosynthesis (8:31)" at the Michelin Star Rogue Tomate Restaurant on Fifth Avenue in New York.
Click to view


PhotoCamp / Norway / 2010:

Photocamp in Norway invites Per Fronth together with infuential international photographers for lectures on Nov Sat 13th & Sun 14th 2010; Zin Koren ( Israel), Vibeke Tandberg ( Norway), Bjørn Opsahl ( Norway), Claudio Napolitano ( Venezuela / US), Damian Heinisch, ( Poland / Germany / Norway)


Norwegian financial newspaper Dagens Næringsliv feature on Per Fronth & GHNY Commission in New York /Saturday Sep. 11th 2010:


Great response at Galleri Nicolines Hus, Kragerø Summer 2010:
At his summer exhibition in the small town of Kragerø the public flocked to Fronth´s opening on July 24th and continued to fill the space the following weeks. 41 works found new homes including the large "Quattro (trampoline)" measuring 165 x 200 cm


Per Fronth visit the Shonglap project in Bangladesh for Stromme Foundation
Dhaka Feb 3rd 2010: The Shonglap- project initiated to empower young girls in the rural areas of one of the worlds poorest countries, is a joint venture between Stromme Foundations partners in Bangladesh and Operasjon Dagsverk in Norway.
In the Bangladeshi countryside it is common that girls are given up for marriage at a very young age, often as young as twelve or thirteen, and many become mothers very early. To the parents the girls are a financial burden - another mouth to feed. The solution is often to give them away to be married.
Through the Shonglap programme girls from poor families are given a one-year long education where they learn about key subjects such as early marriage, HIV/aids, own rights, health and hygiene. They get reading and writing lessons, and they receive vocational training so that they can make their own money and become financially independent.
Per Fronth visited the project in February to document the progress of the project. In april a short presentation will be released and distributed to all teenagers in Norway.


Per Fronth artbook gets International Distribution: D.A.P. artbooks.com
Oslo Dec. 22nd 2009: The prestigeous american artbook distributor D.A.P. ( Distributed Art Publishers ) has signed a deal with Press Forlag to bring the artbook of Per Fronth to the international markeds. D.A.P is the most influential bookseller in the artbook-segment serving major museumstores globally.
The book will be part of D.A.P catalog from Fall 2010 on.


Worlds most influential newspapers:
Frontpages Dec. 10th 2009


Video: Nobel Artist Per Fronth on Søndagsrevyen, NRK,
Dec. 6th 2009

Sunday 6th December 2009: Norways largest newsmagazine NRK profiles Nobel Artist Per Fronth four days before the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony.

External link to the video: HERE