FriTanken in Ny-Hellesund / Ny-Hellesund Rehab:


Ny-Hellesund. June 2012

FriTanken , an old Solar Oiltank is converted by Per Fronth into a 21 m2 apartment, at the old shipwharf in Ny-Hellesund and out-harbour 30 minutes from Kristiansand.
In June 2012 the Gjestgiveriet Verftet - the Wharf - opened its doors for the first time to the public; with Bølgen & Moi restaurant, 21 apartments private beach and with the artwork of Per Fronth.
The first Inn opened in Ny-Hellesund in 1690 - now a new era has begun in the small coastal village.
Fritanken will be used by Per Fronth for philantropic uses, for artists, weddings, representation and personal use.