Per Fronth / Evolution of Melancholy / Dillon Gallery / New York / Oct 7th - Nov 6th 2010:

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Installation Dillon Gallery New York Oct 2010 / click thumbnails for larger view / view movie ( click filmstrip)


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New York Sept 26th 2010

Per Fronth: Evolution of Melancholy - OPENING NIGHT: THURSDAY OCT 7TH 2010 6 -8 PM / DILLON GALLERY, 555 W 25TH ST, NY10001
The work presented in the new exhibition made in conjucntion with the US release of Press Publishing bok: Per Fronth will open to the public on Thursday Oct 7th. This exhibition explores some of the main themes Fronth has focused on over the past 15 years - and without being retrospective it rather tries to uncover the common tread of storylines that seems to be a guiding force in Fronths artistic universe. The observer will be confronted with the aspects of Man in Nature as in the series Xingu Chronicles from the peoples of the threatened Amazonian Rainforest 1988, Man and Nature as in Fronths controversial series BLOODLINES - the Duke of Beauforts Foxhunt, first presented in London 2000 - and some facets of our disturbing Human Nature - from series Theatre of War dealing with the war-torn Afghanistan conflict and based on images Per Fronth collected during a stay with the Norwegian Security Forces in 2009. The exhibition is planned to be 13 large canvases - and one awardwinning shortmovie Ode to a Hunter 2000 - from the English Foxhunt.