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In Bolivia 64 per cent of the population live below the national poverty line. There is an enormous difference between rich and poor, and many children live alone on the streets.

Strømme Foundation helps eradicate poverty and reduce the differences between the rich and the poor in Bolivia. We particularly work to improve the social conditions for vulnerable children - meaning street children - children who have been exposed to abuse or violence. School and education, culture and microfinance are other keywords for our work in Bolivia.

Work among street children
800 000 children live and work on the streets in Bolivia. Many of these children have experienced abuse at home or are abandoned by their parents. They hide in the trees so that the police won't find them, and they often seek shelter in the cemeteries at night. Every day is a fight to survive.

When coming to Strømme Foundation's partner, Alalay, they are met with open doors, care and trust. They are given food, a roof over their heads, health services and schooling, as well as social and psychological support. The organisation applies what they call an "Open door" method in their work to help children and young people living on the streets. The children are invited to come and stay at Alalay, but they can choose to leave if they are not comfortable there. Most choose to stay.

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